What is taikenban?

Taikenban is a blog dedicated to my passion of video gaming. The objective of Taikenban is to propose opinions and news about games I enjoy. The idea is to offer content that can be read quickly without compromising quality, at least I hope so.

Press releases provided by publishers are reworked to make news. I keep the focus on information that seem the most relevant to me. I am not aiming to be exhaustive but only to provide what I really care about.

Some games can be provided by publishers (thank you!) in the form of code or physical version for review. With no obligation towards the editors, the review is only the image of my personal opinion.

The blog is not intended to convince you in any way but if I can make you discover a title, a particular peace of hardware or initiate a discussions through social networks, I will have reached my goal.

The blog is a french blog but I have added a translation tool (using Google translation service) in the sidebar to help you capture the essence of the content.

I wish you a pleasant reading on Taikenban!